Just wanted to share with all parents a little tip in training young kids from 2 to 6 on how to listen and differentiate various sounds in learning a language, no matter it is English or their mother tongue Cantonese/Mandarin.

Personally I disagree Chinese parents to talk to their young children in English rather than their native language. They thought that it will make it easier for their kids to learn English. On the contrary, this will only confuse the kids, they end up speaking neither good English nor Chinese, especially when the parents' English level is not up to standard.

I think kids going into kindergartens can start learning English phonics through songs and simple games. Learning from the prime sounds of the 26 alphabets, then phonic sounds, vowels, consonents, start/ending blends, and multi syllables. In a duration of around 6 to 12 months, the toddlers will build up a very solid foundation in their listening skills, not to mention their speaking skills in pronouncing accurate phonic sounds of English words.

No rush, traing them step by step, very soon you'll find your kids are super in saying out correct pronounciation of words that they've not learnt before!