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Happy Valley with a kid - HKD50,000 budget?

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    Happy Valley with a kid - HKD50,000 budget?

    Hi - we're looking at potential budget and wanted to see if it'd be reasonable to assume that we could find a decent place to rent in Happy Valley for approx HKD50,000 pm.

    We have a 2 year old and hope to have one more at some point - so ideally we'd want a three bedroom flat (min 1000square feet net space) with a room for live-in help in a building that might have some communal space/garden/playarea that'd be good for kids.

    What do you think? Is this being realistic or should we be budgeting more per month? Would be grateful for your views.

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    Happy Valley

    That is indeed very realistic. 50K is a very good budget but it does depend on your definition of "decent".

    You will have a choice of some newer building (eg : Celeste Court) with facilities but smaller area
    some of the older buildings (eg: Happy Mansion, Blue Pool mansion etc) with no facilities but larger area.

    If you want higher luxury (eg: Leighton Hill), you will need a much more generous budget.

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