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Inexperienced couple looking for helper/nanny

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    Inexperienced couple looking for helper/nanny

    We are an expat couple looking for a nanny/domestic helper to help take care our 9-month-old baby, cook meals and clean the house. Our flat is not large enough so we cannot provide live-in accommodation. And we are completely clueless about hiring someone in Hong Kong so I very much appreciate if you can provide some opinions as to:

    1) Are there any distinct definitions for nannies/domestic helpers in Hong Kong, such as they hold different licenses?
    2) If I cannot provide accommodation, I can only hire a part-time worker? Usually how many hours they ask during a week?
    3) How should I make sure if it's legal to employ them?
    4) How should I start to find the right person? Going through agencies is necessary?

    Many thanks for reading this in advance.

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    It is not legal to hire a foreign domestic helper who does not live-in. You could legally hire a local resident as a part-time helper, but almost all of these won't be able to speak English. To know if it's legal to employ them, you could ask to see a permanent ID card/HK passport.

    My understanding is that it is legal to hire a foreign-domestic helper through an agency. They are quite expensive though (at least compared to the wages of a live-in FDH). I think they would be willing to work a long shift if you're willing to pay.

    It's not necessary to go through agencies to find a helper. You could find someone through word-of-mouth. Post ads on these forums. Ask the helpers in your building if they know anyone. Well, this works for full-time or illegal part-time/live-in.

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    Hi! I'm a Filipina looking for a new employer. I've been working in Hong Kong for almost 4 years in 1 employer. My contract is about to finish on July 29,2014. Can contact me in my mobile number 91529492

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