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Advice needed - Child developmental assessment

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    tinnnnn is offline Registered User
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    Hi I've been working with children with special needs for 10 years and is currently providing consultation service (setting up individualized programs and sometimes doing parent training). I have a few therapists working with me who are willing to provide home therapy services. Please contact me if you would like to have further information.

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    my2angels is offline Registered User
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    May 2014

    Hi Everyone,
    Sorry for the long time gap in getting back. We really needed some time to see how serious things are and digest all the new info and the fact that our kid needs extra support.

    Update: we got him assessed at Duchess of Kent and he has been diagnosed to be mildly on the ASD spectrum and also slightly globally delayed. We have already talked to the social worker and put our name on the waitlist for various therapies but the waiting is as long as one year.

    Now we want to parallel it privately but more keen on doing it through the semi private options we have chosen through govt. - CDC or Watchdog. This is so that we can converge once our turn comes up on the waitlist.

    Now, any comparison between watchdog and CDC ? Prob is CDC is moving to wanchai from Matilda. Anyone knows why ? Are their services as good/at par with watchdog ? We don;t want to do a half hearted commitment and keep changing therapists. Any inputs about the above ?

    Many Thanks

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    Sherry5 is offline Registered User
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    Dear my2angles,

    Hello... How are you doing ?? .. I wish all of us had a magic wand correct things with just a click. Things would have been so easy then..

    Would like to share just a little info I have , may be you know all this but just thought I will share with you.
    I was also on a wait list to get my lil one's assessment done at government clinic and private services. I had done a little research and had finalized on CDC & WATCHDOG for some summer program for improving speech or social and emotional or any training or therapy that can help till the assessment
    Since he did not compete 3 years, at CDC I was told they had very limited trainings for younger children for the summer.

    May be you should check the a package training programs which will be a better. I think both CDC and watchdog have these. I have not compared much but I think CDC is more economical than Watchdog.

    Watch dog has trainings sessions on Saturdays as well but CDC is closed on wk ends.

    I had taken one session from watch dog where the speech therapist was quite good.
    I paid hkd750 for one session of speech therapy of 45 mins.

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    my2angels is offline Registered User
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    May 2014

    Thanks Sherry5

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