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Princess for my daughter's birthday?

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    Princess for my daughter's birthday?

    Hey ladies!

    Have just moved to Hong Kong, am in a bit of a crisis at the moment as my 4 year old daughter's birthday is approaching fast! Am not quite sure what to do as she is totally in love with the movie Frozen and I have tried a couple of entertainment companies without much luck. Can anyone recommend a company that DOES have this costume? A friend warned me that there some princesses out there that are, lets just say, 'a little past their sell-by date', so I'm really looking for a tried and tested referral.

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    I recently used Arabella's Party and can report I had a great experience with them! The booking process was quite straightforward and I found they have a better costume selection than most other companies. In the end we picked Elsa from Frozen as well. I got to design the party while booking it, i.e games, magic show, balloons, face painting. So all was set! (Their pricing also seems to be better than other companies, also there are special packages if you gook for a long time with more than one entertainer).

    On the day of the party I was very nervous as it was the first time I had organized something like this, but my mind was quickly put to rest when the entertainers showed up in good time to run me through what they were going to do with the kids. The princess was beautiful and actually kinda looked like the real Elsa (my daughter was convinced anyway!) The kids had a great time, and I would definitely recommend them.

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