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Low weight

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    Low weight

    Dear friends,
    My baby was born at 2.72 kgs (6 lbs). She then dropped weight to 2.45 kgs (5.4 lbs) in the first week. Since then her weight gain has been extremely slow. She's now 5 weeks n just 3.1 kgs (6.8 lbs). I m really concerned abt it. Accdg to the pediatrician it was Initialy due to wrong breast feeding way. Now she's averaging abt 25 gms or 0.9 ounce per day now in the past week.
    Just want to hear from friends here whether hv they experienced a similar situation n how did to get the baby to put on weight faster? Should I give formula milk too? Pls help.

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    How is your baby feeding in general? Do you know how many mls/ oz of breastmilk she's taking?

    Are you and/or your husband quite petite?

    My sister gave birth 3 days after me, and her baby was 10 days early. He had a similar birth weight as your daughter and he's now about 4.58 kgs at 8 weeks.

    My sister kept pumping and giving her baby the bottled breast milk and he is gaining weight. She does supplement with formula about twice a day though so that might have helped. It also depends if your baby has reflux or not?

    SOrry not a personal experience but if you're really concerned you should see your Dr again and seek some further advice.

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    our DD was around 25% at 1 month, 50% at 2 months, and 75% at 4 months yesterday. we feed her a mixture of breast milk (pumped occasionally) and formula. she eats when she wants and stops when she wants. should be okay. just make sure you go to her scheduled check-ups and ask the nurses. not all babies have to be fat. :)

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    It took a while for my baby to catch up...I didn't produce breastmilk until 2 weeks after my baby was born. So after a week of my baby not getting enough milk from me, I supplemented with formula until my milk was enough for my baby. Afterwards my baby caught up and is within range (still on the smaller side in terms of weight). No need to worry, since its already determined that its a breastfeeding issue, I am sure your baby will catch up soon.

    Also, my friend has 3 kids, all of which were below the charts in terms of weight when they were babies and they are all healthy.

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