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Bank Account for helper

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    Bank Account for helper

    Hi All

    Our helper has been with us for 8 months now and things are ok. We haven't had many problems. She has asked us to help her open an account. We are quite cautious because we don't want to use our address for her correspondence as this will allow her to start borrowing money as this is a proof of address. Borrowing money is one of rules we told her is unacceptable. Does anybody know of a way to opening a account for a helper with which bank that does not need our address but maybe another proof of identity? We realise that this is probably impossible but just like to know of other options or even experiences that you may all have.



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    I think she can borrow money even with a copy of her contract. So if she wanted to do she could have.

    Our previous helper opened an account with Hang Seng Bank. Made it easy for us to deposit her salary and I think she had an extra ATM card which she gave to her mother in the Philippines and she was able to withdraw money whenever she needed.

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