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Milk formula for baby

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    Milk formula for baby

    Hello mums, I wanted to ask which formula brand are you feeding your baby? I keep changing his milk brand from Progress Gold 3 (S-26) into NanPro 3 but it seems both are not agreeing with his tummy. He is almost 2 years old now, I just wish he's not a picky eater so he wouldn't rely on formula milk i just have no choice. He always constipated and when he does poop its really has offensive smell that's like a methane-like-chemical smell and the color was greenish to mossy green :-(

    Advice badly needed. Thanks.

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    I use cow and gate and seems ok. Check if your baby has lactose intolerance because I think you can get a soya version.

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    i use baby's only organic lactose free formula from the usa. i get it locally from health essentials (they deliver): Baby's Only Organic

    we had similar issues with colic and lactose issues and have been using this formula with all our children with little tummy's gas relief drops. actually, all my sisters (3 of us) use this formula with our children and is much more common in the usa than here.

    fyi, it says 'toddler formula' only because the company believes that babies just be breast fed as newborns and recommend formula later on life, however, it contains the same (if not more) nutrients as other newborn/baby formulas so can be used for day 1, as we did. and poop color is not that terrible dark green as from other mainstream formula brands.

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