A very good day to my future employer.

My name is Emily, a 33 year old professional childcare worker (originating from Hong Kong) with over thirteen years seasoned experience within the industry and I am currently seeking to find a casual baby sitting role throughout the month of August 2015. For the past four years I have successfully been employed in a full time capacity at an Early Learning Centre here in Adelaide Australia where I currently reside with my husband. However, later this year I intend to visit Hong Kong with the hope of finding a temporary role. Prior to my arrival in Australia I was gainfully employed in a similar position at Po Lueung Kuk for a period of nine years, wherein I took care of children aged 0 - 6. I am fluent in both English, Cantonese and Mandarin, with additional honed experience in catering to the needs of foreign families. I believe that each child is unique and that they posses their own strengths which should be catered to individually in order to further develop their own skills. Therefore in this way I aim to always diversify my care such that my approach most appropriately matches the needs of every child.

Please do contact with me if you have any enquiries and I very much look forward to meeting you.

With regards,