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Maternity public healthcare

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    Maternity public healthcare

    I have just moved to Hk and staying at the Harbourside (same complex as Kowloon station and ICC).
    I am 27 weeks pregnant and have been going to a private doctor (Dr Alex Doo), but I just wanted to understand more about the public healthcare.

    1) how do I know which hospital to register at ? Queen Elizabeth , Kwong Hwa? They can't seem to give me an answer with the language barrier.

    2) in case I have not registered at the hospital, can I still access the A&E (emergency) if needed and will they send me an ambulance?

    3) what services can I avail from an mchc (besides baby vaccines) and how do I know which one I have to register at?

    4) I have an Indian passport and am contemplating going to India for my delivery. What are the significant advantages for baby passport, visa, residency etc that you have benefited from (especially Indian mothers)

    Thanks in advance!

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    1. Remember a few mums registering at QE from your area. Give them a call and just book an appointment. Tel: 3506 6227 Antenatal & Postnatal Mon - Fri: 9:00am - 1:00pm

    2. Yes if there's an emergency you can still use the Gov't hospital, but it's best to register so they have your basic info and blood type etc. If you call 999 they will send you to the nearest A&E, might not be QE.

    3. List of services available at MCHC. Family Health Service Main Service Areas You can call the nearest one to book. I remember getting a letter after my son's birth letting me know the nearest one and how to book.

    4. Don't think there are any

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