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Looking for a Montessori style playgroup.

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    Looking for a Montessori style playgroup.

    Hello, mummies

    My boy is turning to 8 month, who is very energetic and curious. So I want to find him a playgroup.

    I've been reading about Montessori education methods of education for a while. So I would like him to attend a Montessori style playgroup. But it seems that there aren't many on the Kowloon side. And the only one I find on the Internet called" infinity school" but I can't find any details about it.

    I would appeciate any recommendation. Thanks!

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    I think 'Little Explorers @ Olympic Station' is worth checking out. They didn't advertise themselves on Montessori style playgroup, but they did mention it Montessori activities, when we done the trial class.

    Our 10 month old daughter (we live at Kowloon Station) seems to enjoy the 1 hour sessions and the environment is the best we have seen so far in Kowloon side.

    We have visited 'Baby Buddies' @ CWB last week, we were impressed with what we saw, but it was a 2 hour session.
    This week will be looking into their Sheung Wan site, which hopefully easier to get to.

    Will be interesting to hear any similar playgroups on Kowloon side.

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