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Add Chinese name on HK birth certificate

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    Add Chinese name on HK birth certificate

    I am wondering if anyone here have done and similar thing and know the answer.
    My husband (American) and I (Taiwanese) are going to add a Chinese name for my daughter's hong kong birth certificate. My daughter is one year old. It looks like we could just go the the birth register office and do it easily...
    1) do both my husband and I need to present ? or it's okay just I go there and apply.
    2) my daughter has the US passport now...she is going to apply for her HK passport afterwards. Is it going to be okay for her US documentation that she now has a new Chinese name (in Chinese character only)?
    3) We want to apply for her china entry permit later..the Chinese government will not issue my daughter a China visa, as her mom is Taiwanese. She hasn't got her Taiwanese passport yet as we need to go back to Taiwan and stay there for a month to get her its complicated and now she only has her US passport. But she will need a Chinese name for China entry permit from HK...
    Appreciated any feedbacks. Thanks

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    As your daughter already holds a US passport she unfortunately will not be eligible for a HK passport or China home return permit. To obtain a HK passport she would strictly need to give up her US nationality. If she hasnt travelled on her US passport yet, then it is possible to apply for a HK passport but you would have to say to immigration (if they ask) that she hasnt obtained any other passport at that point. The sequence you should have followed was (1) apply for HK birth cert/HK passport (2) HK home return permit (3) TW/US passport.

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