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Baby playgroup in Pokfulam area

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    Oct 2016

    Baby playgroup in Pokfulam area

    Hello, my little baby boy just turn 6 months old, getting curious and active.
    So I wonder if there are any babies around here in my neighborhood so we can get together and let babies to interact and play, having fun ;)

    I am a part-time mum, I am free in the morning.
    We live in Mount Davis road, Pokfulam
    Can come to my house or I can come to yours or anywhere nearby!

    Feel free to contact here or whatsapp at 90478865, Nicole.
    I can create a chat group if there are few mummies want to join together :)

    Hope I can create a mini playgroup/playdate here, so my baby can make some friends, yay!

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    NicoleCho is offline Registered User
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    Oct 2016

    Any mommy out there looking for self- initiated playgroup in Pokfulam/ Sai wan/ Kennedy town/ cyberport area?

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