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Clinic for Baby Costs and Options?

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    Clinic for Baby Costs and Options?

    Hi everyone,

    Me , my wife are currently preparing to move to Hong Kong with our baby. I am an HKID holder while they are not. They were born in Korea. However, we will apply for our daughter's dependent visa in HK. We will be living in the hong kong island. Currently the baby is 9 months old.

    I would like to ask when are baby needs to take immunization shots or needs to see the doctor for a flu/cold etc, what are some feasible (preferably cost effective) options for her? Would she be able to use the public hospital services? What kind of available services can we expect there, and how long are the wait times? Is the cost totally free?

    Also, if we go to a pediatrician's clinic instead, how much would the costs be like for shots and for a flu checkup?

    Thank you very much for your advice, I really appreciate it!

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    Hi mangoman,
    My friend was in a similar situation as you. However they managed to get the HK resident for their child.
    For HK resident child get the basic immunisation free at the Maternal & Child Health and Woman Health Services (MCHC).
    Family Health Service - Fees & Charges - For General Public
    If your company do cover the medical insurance of your family, they will have a list of clinics you can go.

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