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osteopath recommandation

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    osteopath recommandation

    Hi everyone,

    My son is 3 weeks old and unfortunately has a lot of reflux which prevents him from sleeping well. We tried anti reflux formula, slow feeding with intermediate burps, carrying him upright after feeding, elevating his matress etc, but it's not enough to make him feel better.

    So now I'm on the hunt for an osteopath who is treating babies. Former threads about recommandations are quite old now. Does anybody have a recent experience with a good osteopath in Hong Kong and would like to recommand him/her ?

    Thanks in advance for any info !

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    Hi Lawen,

    If you're on the Southside of the island, then would recommend Ines at the Round Clinic

    The Round Clinic/natural health/hong kong

    If Central is easier, Caroline Rhodes at the BodyGroup is the person to see.
    The Body Group - Hong Kong Physiotherapy and Wellness Clinic

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    Apr 2016

    Thanks for the tip !

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