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Playgroup in Tin Hau/Fortress Hill/North Point

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    Fortress Hill

    Playgroup in Tin Hau/Fortress Hill/North Point

    Hi everyone,

    We are interested in getting our baby into a decent playgroup close to home so would really appreciate recommendation for playgroup in the areas of Tin Hau/Fortress Hill/North Point.

    Also, what is everyone's opinion on the appropriate age to start playgroup? Our baby is 6 months and we have been advised to delay starting til at least 10 months as young babies catch disease easily from playgroup. Just wondering what's everyone else's take on this?

    Thank you!

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    May 2017

    I highly recommend Mud Pies Education.
    They have a fantastic playgroup, and excellent courses as well as summer camps.
    They are located in Tin Hau and have a wonderful reputation.
    I will introduce you to the owner, Liz Search via PM
    It's good to be able to help!

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