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Postnatal/confinement meals

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    Postnatal/confinement meals

    I'm interested in following a confinement diet after delivery. I've looked into hiring a pui yuet, but am nervous about getting a bad one. I've also read mixed reviews about the confinement meal delivery service Terreform.

    Has anyone tried Fresh to Go's maternity meals, which are delivered ready-to-cook (the website says they take only 15 minutes to prepare), or Bonum Trees' soup kits?

    The Bonum Trees kits require the user to gather the fresh ingredients (meat, vegetables, etc.), which might be more than I could handle with a newborn (no helper)! Interested to hear about any experiences with the above.

    Also, if anyone has a recommendation for a good bilingual (Chinese/English) confinement cookbook, please share!

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    I'm looking for some options too!!

    Have found these other confinement meal delivery services:
    ??? - ?????????, ????, ????, ???????? (someone comes to your home and cooks everything for the day) (????)
    And this blog comparing a few companies:

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