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Having a Hard Time Adjusting to HK with 11 months old baby

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    bullystick is offline Registered User
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    Jul 2014

    I would recommend you consider getting a baby carrier and strap your baby in it than using a stroller now that your boy is 11 mth old . I used to rely on stroller too when my child was an infant, but realize the carrier is much more feasible getting around, and it's also good for him to see what you see when walking around.

    There are stores like Mothercare, BumpsToBabes that sell authentic/genuine products, 360 supermarket in The Element even has fresh meat, organic products for adults and infants. There's a Kowloon Park right in the middle of TST you can stroll around. There is the HK Park just above Central, Victoria Park at Causeway Bay.... all accessible by MTR. As the weather gets a bit cooler, hiking is another activity you can consider.

    As for shots for your boy, I'd rely on private clinic than government facility given your situation. I'm sure any private clinic can offer you those 12-mth, 18-mth, 24-mth, scheduled shots. If not, private hospital has "package pricing" for infant routine shot + checkup, etc. Make sure he has all the recommended shots as compared to a HK born baby (e.g. BCG for tuberculosis) and take advantage to travel to nearby countries before your son turns 2 (he needs to pay full price thereafter).

    I know it's tough to live in a totally new and strange environment, but take the best of it and stay positive. You'll be fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kazkm View Post
    I'd say give it a time. Things will get better.
    I felt the same in my first year here (though no kids nor married then), 10 years later I call Hong Kong my second hometown.

    Having said that, I don't think I could survive the last ten years if I were living in TST. That place is the concentration of all the negative aspects of Hong Kong. Have you visited other places that are relatively more "relaxed" and somewhat westernized such as Sai kung, Discovery bay, Stanley and so on? Hong Kong is a small city but not all about TST and you'd be surprised to find many different faces of it.

    On a separate note, I can understand why your husband likes it here. I thoroughly enjoyed going out and trying out the new hot spots before I didn't have kids. A life with kids can be quite different from the one without. I'm sure you'll find here like home in the next couple of years once your son starts his preschool or kindergarten. You'll get to know with a lot of moms and that would give you a sense of community. You could also find moms with similar aged kids on Facebook if you're on it? There are quite a few groups like HK playdate matching and play, tumble, laughs, etc.

    I wish you a good luck!

    I agree with you

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    diannemarinescu is offline Registered User
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    Hello again, everyone, and thank you for your kind words and advice. I guess it's just a matter of being patient and giving it time, totally agree with you there. Since my first post, I found some cool strolling places here, towards Wampoa and the promenade, probably next year we move to that area. We've been to the other side, Admirality park, etc. It's nice, but so artificial (well, what can you expect, it's a large city, not my usual small town surrounded by forests LOL). The trip would have been very difficult, if not impossible without my husband, however. Yeah, it's the stroller again. Especially when there are lots of people around, it's really hard with it and inside the park, not everything is accessible due to steps. But it was ok with my hubby's muscle power (best gym for him, too haha). I have a carrier, but I can't carry my son anymore :(. He's over 10 kg and naughty, keeps bouncing and I have a mighty hernia post-partum. I know, carriers are the best and when he was smaller, it was something I did often, taking him along for walks. But these days even my husband complains of back pain when lifting him.
    I booked a boat trip to Stanley, so I'll see that side soon. I've heard it's nice and stroller friendly. My stroller gets really small when folded, so it's easy to take it on board.
    I vaccinated my son at the government clinic and I have mixed views about the process. They check the baby's health, but not as thoroughly as they do it in Europe. Here they only check the height and weight and then the nurse interviewed us and checked his development. In Europe it was a lot faster and more in depth (head circumference, abdomen, intimate parts, etc) The entire process of registration and vaccination took us exactly 3 hours here! In Europe it was never more than 15 minutes. Here we had to see the pediatrician too, because my son suffers from allergies, so vaccination wasn't as straightforward as for other kids. Perhaps this added some waiting time to everything. But the pediatrician was very nice and good professionally. Overall, I liked the facility and the staff, but I'm not sure the ill kids and the healthy ones were separated. My son caught a respiratory virus and now he's got a runny nose and he's coughing and I'm pretty sure it's not the vaccine. He's also low on appetite which is very uncharacteristic for him. I'm sure he'll be fine in a few days, but I'm just saying. They registered us without a fuss after showing them his passport and both our IDs and they offered us vaccination the same day, which was nice. We are due for another vaccination which is not given in Europe (at least not where we lived) next month. I think I'm going to keep the government facility for vaccination and go private for everything else.

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    Yaprak is offline Registered User
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    Altough my husband goes a long way everyday; we are living in Tung Chung. Yes its far from the city , but its green and there are lots of parks&playgrounds and also playgroups that you can easily participate. No need to say its not crowded like the city.

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    diannemarinescu is offline Registered User
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    Sep 2017

    I agree with you, natural environment is best for kids. Yeah, next year we are also going to make the move to a more nature-filled place

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    Apr 2016

    I live in Hung Hom/Whampoa. I'm a stay at home mum and my daughter is 13 months old. Please feel free to send me a private message if you would like to get together for coffee or walking.

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