Hello all, we are new to geobaby,

We have recently had to take our 8 week old boy into the emergency in our home town .

He was born 3 weeks early on July 10, at which time we stayed in the NICU for 2 weeks until he was ready to go home , he was brought home weighing 4.7 pounds. Since home we has done amazing and 6 weeks later he now weighs 10.7 pounds. He is a big boy!

Grayson has always been on schedule with his feeds and has had no problem at all succeeding in growing and being very alert and attentive, He is an amazing baby ! He has been in a very good routine since he came home from the NICU.

This past Friday was like any other normal day for us , feeds, normal poops and pee’s, nap time , wake up repeat , bath time , cuddles and sleep around 11:30 pm. Except for something was different this night....

Our boy did not wake up from his sleep until around 8:30 in the morning , at which time we had problems waking him and he would not keep his eyes open. We rushed him into the local emergency department , where they ran blood tests and urine samples and CT on his brain , at which time they seen no issues , nor accompanied by a fever or any other viral / bacterial symtoms.

At this time they sent us to the hospital in the next city over , our 9 week old son still not waking up or feeding . Many tests were ran at the second hospital , 8 hours later air lifted to a larger hospital for 2 days , every test and blood sample coming back negative , and treating him for infections with no success. It was after many days at the third hospital that they air lifted our son to the sick kids hospital , where we have been for 2 days now . Many specialists and different doctors have seen our sick boy and they still do not know why he will not wake up for more than 15 mins at a time.

We are completely lost with no answers , as well as the doctors having no idea what this could be , they have checked his brain, heart , lungs , chest, eyes , infectious disease doctors have stopped the anti biotics as he has no infection or fever. Metabolic doctors tomorrow, as well as genetics will be seeing us for a consult.

Has anyone ever heard of a child going through something similar to this? Will he snap out of It? Why are all the tests coming back negative?

Any advice or opinions would be really appreciated. Thank you all and have a good day.