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KCIS vs French International - Urgent advice needed

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    KCIS vs French International - Urgent advice needed

    Hi frens, my kid is attending K1 at KCIS and received FIS international steam reception offer for 2019/2020

    We are hesitating between the two.

    FIS international stream might have slightly better English environment (purely my guess) and IB result is not bad. It's a more diversified environment. Concerns are: 1) almost no Chinese; 2) French is compulsory, which might take up kid's capacity to learn Chinese; 3) heard some negative comments about its high school kids smoking etc.

    KCIS, on the other hand, has a very local student body. ~90% Chinese. Chinese level is satisfactory yet IB results not very stable. Not sure how the university placement is, comparing to FIS.

    Any thoughts/suggestions would be highly appreciated! Thank you!

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    Aug 2022

    how s your final decision?any comments of these 2 schools to share? would appreciate if u have something to share.thanks

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