Hi all,

I previously posted a scathing review of a prominent Hong Kong Island based pediatrician which was removed because it contained names and I am new to the forum. As such I've decided to repost as a warning to always get a 2nd or 3rd opinion as i had an experience that highlighted the fact that doctors don't always have their patients best interest in mind.

I hope that this post reaches someone before it's too late. I apologise for the length - but I think it's important to not cut out too much of the story.

tldr: I urge everyone who is looking for a paediatric urologist or paediatrician to always get a 2nd or 3rd opinion before making a decision on anything major for your child. The prominent doctor I initially visited had questionable ethics in my opinion.


My wife and I went to see a paediatrician in November as I was looking for a paediatric urologist being concerned about the foreskin tightness of my son's penis. I had searched the English forums (Asia/HKexpat, Geobaby etc) and a certain doctor's name came up a few times so we booked him.

The doctor saw my son and he was immediately diagnosed with Buried Penis within about 2 mins of entering the room. He advised the penis growth was stunted due to the tight foreskin. He was adamant that my son needed to have a circumcision done and to have his 'Buried Penis' pulled out which would require full anaesthesia and the severing and reattaching of the blood vessels to pull the penis away from the pubic bone. He said it was a easy procedure and that he teaches his student's at the university the same procedure. (he boasted this several times)
With that he thanked us and we were ushered out.

We paid the bill (which was HKD$3000....wow) but on the way home we realised that we didn't have the chance to ask any questions about the surgery, after-care etc.

The next day after a discussion with my wife, I called the clinic to ask to speak to the doctor as it didn't sit well with me how we were not given time to ask questions at the appointment. When I spoke to the receptionist she simply put me on hold and passed me to another woman whom just thought I had called to make an appointment. I explained to the woman once again as to why I was calling and she advised she could answer my questions but it would be best to book in a date for the surgery appointment at the same time. We booked a date, but she was useless about my questions so advised she would arrange a callback from the doctor. We didn't receive one.

My son then went to see a doctor on an unrelated matter whom happens to be well known in the Chinese community for being good with kids in particular. We asked him about my son's penis and he said the growth looked normal. We advised him that a paediatric urologist (we didn't mention names) advised he had buried penis. The doctor had another look and mentioned the foreskin isn't particularly tight - and the fact that he can pull the foreskin all the way back is actually ahead of the development curve for his age. When we again pressed and asked why a doctor would diagnose him with buried penis, he just shook his head and advised, look all I can say is a paediatric urologist is a specialist and he can't comment on the specialist's diagnosis - but if it was his son, he wouldn't have even raised it as a concern.*

My wife and I not really being happy with the conflicting opinions and lack on information from the original doctor and decided to do some more research on google. It turns out that in the Chinese forums the doctor has raised concerns because he has a particularly high rate of diagnosing buried penis.

So we booked 2 other paediatric urologists for a 2nd and 3rd opinion (both cheaper and more professional might I add).*

We visited the first of the 2 doctors and advised him of my concerns of the tight foreskin. He advised that my son's penis development was normal and he did not need surgery. He too also mentioned that the foreskin retraction was also much better than most kids his age. This made me really upset at the thought that our son would have had undergone unnecessary surgery not to mention the recovery period and stress for my son. I told the doctor that a paediatric urologist (did not mention names) diagnosed my son with buried penis. He smiled to lighten the mood and looked at one of the nurses next to him and said, "see - another one...what kind of doctor would diagnose buried penis on this child". I was about to mention the doctors name and he said don't bother mentioning names - he doesn't need to know. So I asked him why would a doctor recommend unnecessary surgery? he simply smiled and said - because the surgery costs 4 times the price of normal circumcision.*

The final doctor we went to see was a paediatric surgeon in Mong Kok. We immediately mentioned to the doctor that our son had been diagnosed with Buried Penis. Even before the doctor saw our son's penis, he carefully explained the penis anatomy and showed us many pictures of different cases of true buried penis. When he eventually inspected my son, he too mentioned that surgery was simply not necessary and that for the time being everything looks normal.*
The last straw and what prompted me to spread this to the forums was when the doctor queried what types of risks were explained to us by the diagnosing doctor. We said nothing - no risks were mentioned. He was clearly unimpressed and then began to explain that much of his work is repairing damage done by surgeries to the penis and explained that reattaching blood vessels is often one of the things that goes wrong. My blood was boiling at this point at the thought of my son being put into harms way by an overzealous Doctor to make a buck. We left the doctors officr and I couldn't stop cursing all the way home.

It's disappointing and scary to think that such an aggressive professor is the one lecturing future doctors of HK. Needless to say, surgery is cancelled and I'm just so grateful that we decided to get a 2nd and a 3rd opinion. I find it disgusting that such a Doctor relies on his status in the medical community and puts his reputation above his patients interests.

Hopefully this post finds it way to someone in the future before its too late.