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Can kid in HK start primary at age 7?

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    Can kid in HK start primary at age 7?

    Hello HK mums, I'm dad of cute little Marco who is 2 years old :-)

    Recently I applied for several kindergartens here for K1 next year 2020, but now I'm thinking that little Marco might be too young to start school so small when he is not even 3 (exactly 2y11m).

    He is a bit smaller than other kids his age, and he is definitely less open and more shy, so I'm thinking to wait for one more year, and let him start K1 in 2021 when he will be 3y11m old.

    I asked around in kindergartens, and they all said it's fine, and they said some other parents doing the same... So in this case, he would start K1 when he is almost 4... and then P1 when almost 7.

    Is this allowed in HK? I mean, can he join public/private primary school at age 7? (6y11m exactly)

    My mom said that before in Croatia kids started elementary (primary) at 7y, but now it's "mandatory at 6y", and "7y wouldn't be allowed as it's too old"...? I don't get it, so if kid is late one year and want to start primary as 7yo, they will just leave him without education? I doubt that.

    I read online for HK education system it says "Primary P1 starts at age 6-7" so maybe it's not so strict, and hopefully Marco would be able to start P1 a year later, after he finish K1/2/3 late too.

    Hope to hear what are your thoughts, and more important if somebody is familiar with primary school system and exact rules (both public & primary) for this particular case (start at age ~7).

    Thanks in advance!


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    Jan 2017

    Anybody has any input on this please?

    Thanks in advance! :-)

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