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Getting a white baby into nursery?

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    Getting a white baby into nursery?

    Strange topic, you'll probably think, but after taking our daughter to an "interview" at a nursery, where she behaved well and did all the tasks, she was then added to a waiting list.

    I'm not saying it's racism, but obviously a child with non-native parents might be in the "too hard to do" box for some local nurseries.

    We particularly want 'local' as we want our daughter to be fluent in Cantonese and have local friends - not be like a typical expat child.

    Any experiences/recommendations from the parents here?

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    marshamarsha is offline Registered User
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    The private schools such as Victoria will love to have white kids in their schools to sell diversity.
    Local schools, it depends on your area.
    Best to go to a pre-nursery when everyone starts at zero language skills.

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    Dec 2019

    The more popular / elite local kindergartens prefer kids to speak some Cantonese before enrolling. Best to attend as many open days as possible - they're good opportunities for parents to speak to the teachers. Saves the effort of making the effort to apply, then going to an interview and getting rejected.

    Re: Victoria - their cantonese standard is lower than local kindergartens, but they make up for it with more focus on mandarin and english. Most importantly though, fewer of their students talk to each other / play in cantonese.

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