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Kindergarten options (North Point, Tin Hau)

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    Kindergarten options (North Point, Tin Hau)

    Hi there,

    My daughter is a native English speaker and I'd like for her to attend a kindergarten (K1 class) which focuses on Mandarin and Cantonese teaching. I'm considering the following in North Point and Tin Hau which are walking distance for us:

    Island Children's Montessori School (ICMS)
    Hong Kong Man Sang Kindergarten
    Causeway Bay Victoria Kindergarten & International Nursery
    Pods Kindergarten & Preschool

    As a new parent (who's new to HK), I'd be grateful for any feedback about these kindergartens. Thank you.

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    our daughter has been at Man Sang nursery (not the kindergarten) for the past year. We like it but it isn't as fancy as some of the other ones but tuition is about half of the others we have looked at. We live across the street so it is the obvious choice.

    no complaints, kid comes home happy and talking to us in Chinese which is interesting.

    we are also checking out tutor time in Bramer Hill, it looks to be a step up as far as facilities but is more than double the cost...

    I honestly don't know how you really decide.

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