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Pre-Natal at OT&P // Lots of Ultrasounds?

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    Question Pre-Natal at OT&P // Lots of Ultrasounds?

    Looking for experiences from those that went to OT&P for pre-natal care.

    I was given the information on their prenatal package at my last appointment and I see 9 Ultrasounds between week 11 and 37 (not inclusive of any ultrasound scans done before 11 weeks and if you're pregnancy extends before 37 weeks).

    My questions is, is this amount of scans normal? I'm from the US and all my friends only had 2 ultrasounds (maybe 3) and are shocked when I tell them. Can you tell me if you took this pre-natal package and the pros / cons of so many scans.

    Thank you

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    Congratulations on your pregnancy. This is normal for private care. They will do a scan at every appt and charge you for it.

    Public care is limited to 2-3.

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    I had my two children in the US too and was used to having only two scans. One in first trimester and second which was more in depth mid pregnancy. In between were just Doppler, measurements taken with tape and urine tests.
    Now with #3 and just went to Central Health and didn’t find it exceptionally attentive - maybe because I don’t have many questions ?
    likely to go with public prenatal moving forward.

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    I used OT&P for my first and loved them. It is a lot of scans, but it’s the same across the private sector (central health is the same). Public system is less scans, and obviously less cost, but I found the waiting time for appointments too long (at least 2 hours), communication not clear and the appointments were so brief I never fully understood what they were checking. I was very happy with OT&P they are very slick, I never waited long for appointments and they were very thorough allowing me to ask a lot of questions.

    This time I’m with central health but I might switch back to OT&P because Central Health’s wait times are so long and I’m spending forever sitting in reception - and when you’re paying so much money it seems a bit silly to be waiting so long! And it makes it very awkward for my husband to join scans because he can’t take so long off work.

    Good luck deciding, if you stick with OT&P I’m sure you’ll be happy. Go with the doctor you gel best with.

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