Hi all!

I recently found out I am pregnant with my second child, due April 2023. I previously gave birth with Sanatorium and without going into details, felt my doctor was intervention happy, even for a natural birth, even for no medical cause, if only to hurry me along. I was given an unwanted routine episiotomy and was almost given an unwanted C section, simply because I was taking too long (I was only laboring for 7 hours at that point. First time labors average 13 hours!)

This time, I’m thinking of going with Annerley for my prenatal care and going with one of their OBs. I have a choice between Matilda and Gleneagles. If I hadn’t been in Hong Kong I would have gone for a midwife led home birth. I plan to breastfeed on demand. I know home birth is not possible, but I would like as much of the same experience as possible. Without, of course, unnecessarily risking the health of myself or my baby.

Do you guys have any thoughts and experiences with either Annerley or the two hospitals, and is there an OB with any of these organizations you would recommend for a natural, intervention free birth?

Thanks so much in advance!