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Washing Cloth Diapers

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    Washing Cloth Diapers

    I try and give my little guy a break from disposables and he wears cloth diapers quite often around the house. Washing cloth diapers is quite easy. I use a wet pail method, here it is.

    - Soiled Cloth diapers are rinsed in the toilet boil with shower head.
    - Fill a plastic covered garbage pail with hot water and add Napisan (available at ParkNShop) according to directions and a capful of Dettol.
    - Soak the diapers overnight in solution
    - Remove and machine wash.
    - Hang in sunlight to dry.

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    flat diapers

    I just wanted to add to the subject of cloth diapers that I am using flat diapers (the gauzy kind) with kooshies doublers and cheapie covers and it's a system that works fine. Anything thicker would never dry where I am. I never thought the flat diapers would work, but I change my kid constantly (like 10 times a day) anway so absorbancy isn't an issue and we are saving a lot of money!

    I'm also hoping that this helps me potty train my son sooner rather than later because he takes off his diaper everytime he wees.

    I use disposables at naps, at night, and when I catch him right before a poo.

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    Hello rani,

    Instead of Napisan you can also add in the water a few drops of teatree essential oils (and lavander if you wish.. for the good smell :)

    Besides, can I ask which detergent are u using to wash your cloth diapers?

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    We use cloth diapers and I learnt that there is no need for soaking them in Napisan. We drypail and use no water at all in the bucket. The chemicals in napisan and detergents can cause rashes if it builds up and it also affects the absorbancy of the nappies! I use fitted diapers with elastic and it can also wear them out quicker. Just drying the nappies in the sun removes all the stains.

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