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Buckle Up When Pregnant

on Thursday, 28 March 2013. Posted in Practical Advice

How to wear a seat belt correctly when pregnant

Buckle Up When Pregnant

Some mothers do not wear a seatbelt when pregnant, thinking it may harm the baby. However, there is no medical evidence that suggests that wearing a seat belt may increase the chance of injury to the baby, placenta or uterus in the event of a collision. On the contrary, if a mother is effectively restrained with a seatbelt, the baby will be relatively protected by the mother's body.


How a Seatbelt Works

In a 50 km/h crash, an occupant will strike the interior of a car with a force of several thousand kilos. A seatbelt will distribute the force over a larger and stronger part of your body and injuries will be reduced.


How to Wear a Seatbelt

Lap belts as well as the lap portion of a lap-shoulder belt combination should be placed low, across the hips, under the bump and over the upper thighs. The shoulder strap should be placed between the breasts, above the bump. If it cuts across your neck, reposition your car seat for a better fit.


Never place the seat belt over your bump.

Protect yourself and your baby and BUCKLE UP!


Source: Hong Kong Transport Department

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