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moving to Hong Kong

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    mmbunla Guest

    Talking moving to Hong Kong

    Hi everyone!

    This is my first time writing on this post. I discovered this site last night while trying to get some article on Family moving overseas. Anyhow, My family will be moving from DC to HK this August. I have many questions and I hope some of you can help. I have a 16 months old daughter. I am worried about her adjusting to a new place. What sort of advise or suggestion do you have when moving overseas? What sort of things do I need to bring to get things start for her in HK? Our apartment is located on the mid-level region at the Dynasty Court. Anyone from that area? If so, I would love to meet you and introduce our babies. We have never been to Hong Kong and I have no idea what to expect except from reading. Please feel free to give me as much information as you can about family with young kids living in HK. Thank you all! Mai

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    Welcome to HK!

    HK is a great place with kids. Have a read through some previous threads on moving to HK.

    Moving to HK

    Dynasty Court is a fairly family building so I'm sure you'll meet lots of moms/kids in the playroom and by the pool. You're 5 mins from central, and there are lots of classes for baby and you to take. Lots going on at the YWCA too!


    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    a child that age should not have any problems adjusting to life in a new place. it's usually the parents that have a harder time....

    good luck!

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    Mai, Carang is right most kids have no problems adjusting, however, since you seem to still be in the packing stage, if you can fit in your suitcase as much of your child's favorite toys, books then ship the rest, that will make the immediate adjustment easier.

    Also depending on how finicky your daughter is stock up on toothpaste (my son will only use the gerbers), some formula (if she's still on it), books, & some medication that might not be available here, ie pediarelief.

    Happy packing.

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    I totally agree, we moved with our daughter 2 months ago (she was 6months old when we moved) and we packed as much of her familiar stuff as we could. She settled into the new routine and time zone easily.
    I found it a bit of a culture shock when we first moved but I really like it here now and think it is so much better than I had thought it would be.
    It took a while to get used to the heat, humidity and rain! but in general its a great place to be.
    If there's anything I can help you with please feel free to PM me.

    Good luck with the move

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    I too recently moved but from Oz with a now 16 month old son. He adjusted remarkably quickly re time zones etc, however, I agree with bringing as much familiar things as possible. & stock up on medicines ( eczma creams( if needed ), moisturisers, neurofen etc...and favourite products until you make the adjustments. It's not like all the things you need are in one spot,let alone available, so to make life easier bring an ample supply.
    We are moving to the midlevels area ; Clovelly Court, May Rd, so we won't be far. Feel free to email me and our bubs can meet.

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    saralee is offline Registered User
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    Hi Mai,

    I moved from Oz five months ago and despite knowing HK very well (we lived here before my daughter was born), I still found sourcing baby goods a little bit daunting. My daughter is also 16 mths and at that time she took to the change very well. We packed a lot of familiar items (toys/books/clothes and her port-a-cot not to mention some familiar snack foods).

    HK is a busy place with constant stimulation for young minds and I found that to be the biggest bonus for her since she was and is still entertained by simple outings as there is so much going on. Apart from this site which has been an amazing source of info, I have not found any other central sources of information regarding entertainment/activities/child friendly restaurants/changing areas etc. so picking up threads from old discussions here can be really helpful.

    Since our kids are the same age, please feel free to contact me when you arrive and I am happy to give you any info. I have gleaned. These have been my saviours to date:

    Bumps to Babes (Pedder Building, Central) for a lot of baby accessories from food and feeding accessories through to nursery furniture and clothing.

    Toys R Us (Windsor House, Causeway Bay) and Early Learning Centre (next to Bumps to Babes) for toys.

    3/F Princes Building (Central), Windsor House (Causeway Bay) and Stanley Market (Stanley) are all good for kids clothes. As are all the malls: Pacific Place, Ocean Terminal (Tsim Sha Tsui) and Times Square (Causeway Bay) to name a few.

    Park n Shop (Parkview), a decent sized supermarket with a lot of western products. Gateway (Des Voeux Road West, Sheung Wan) stocks American products. Olivers (Prince's Building, Central) and Great (Pacific Place, Admiralty) are also excellent shops for imported foods/wines.

    Dan Ryans (Pacific Place, Admiralty) is a great restaurant for kids. You actually feel comfortable eating here since there are so many families in the same boat.

    Horizon Plaza (Ap Lei Chau) for furniture and home furnishings and also a few kids stores including Bumps to Babes (bigger store).

    Dollar Saver (expat classifieds magazine) with a lot of information. It's also available online I think.

    I think that's about exhausted my limited knowledge. Hope the flight goes well!

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