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Recommendation for 20 weeks ultrasound?

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    yuukalim0404 is offline Registered User
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    Recommendation for 20 weeks ultrasound?

    Hi All,
    I am 17 weeks and going for checks via public/government hospital.
    However I was hoping to do the detailed 20 weeks scan by private since this is an important milestone.
    I was planning on Dr Lam/ Dr Wan but recently heard some not so great feedback there? Also the nurse told me on the phone the 2D scan only takes 5-10mins??

    I am looking for a patient, and qualifed doc and who will be happy to answer some of my questions, preferably in Central,please give me some advice, thanks!

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    jamesandsimo is offline Registered User
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    hong kong

    i have had both options. I did the hong kong prenatal clinic but i can't remember which doc i saw i think it was Wan. and they were good, my baby wasn't cooperating so i had to get up and walk around 4 times for them to get into the four chambers of the heart so i was actually there for an hour all up! But they did check everything out and i could ask anything if i wanted.

    They were really busy so it did feel like they were rushing - however you are paying for a service so you take as long as you need to ask the questions.

    I also did a 18 week scan public and they were also really good, i was lucky to have a doctor who was teaching a student how to use the new equipment so i was probably there for 25 minutes whilst they looked in great detail at everything. You just need to be clear that you want to know what they are looking at etc and if you want to know the sex make sure you tell them.

    I have also been to one other private doctor but their scanning system was not as up to date as the public system. The hong kong prenatal clinic has the best scanning system in hong kong so i would recommend them just make sure you have some time.

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    Paddles is offline Registered User
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    May 2007


    I had a 20 week check with Dr Lam - am having twins and my doctor wanted me to have a detailed diagnostic so that he could be sure everything was ok.

    He was very detailed and took pictures of everything, i have close ups of their lips, hands, brain, feet, ears etc. Personally i found his bedside manner a little brisk, but he answered all my questions and in fact after he stopped scanning i asked him something and he put the machine back on and scanned me again to show me that everything was fine. Felt very happy after that my babies are 100% healthy.

    I didn't feel rushed, he too made me get up and walk around for 5 mins because the baby was in the wrong position. I was the last appointment of the day so maybe that gave him a little more time.

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    joshsmum is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong

    I also saw Dr Lam for my 20 week scan and did find his bedside manner a little brisk like Paddles, but on the other hand he was very comprehensive with his scanning and checking of everything and I felt very confident in his opinion.

    I think he might be just a bit too technical or efficient for those that want to have a good long look at their bubs on the scan, because he is most interested in checking the size of baby's parts etc than letting you have a good oggle at your baby. But as I said above, he is very thorough in checking every part of bubs anatomy to check for abnormalities which is the most important part of having the scan.

    You get scanned pics and a dvd to take home too of the whole time you were being scanned.

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    pangmei is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2007

    Hi there,
    I also saw Dr Lam for my 20 week scan. He was recommended by my obgyn as specialising in detailed scans and having excellent equipment. We had to wait for quite a while (about 1 hour, but I guess that's not really out of the ordinary for obgyn appointments!) and once we got in, the scan only took about 10 minutes. He does have quite a brisk bedside manner, but like the others said, was very thorough and checked everything. He's also happy to tell you if you're having a boy or girl.

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    Tung Chung


    I go to Dr Wilfred Wong in Central for scans, he's very thorough and friendly, you may want to try him out. One thing though, like all good GYN/OBS he's always pretty booked up, so you will have to book well in advance.

    I had an emergency once and wanted to see him before I go on business trip but he was so booked up I had to find another GYN/OBS for a one-time check-up, and somehow found my way to Dr Chik Pun Yin's clinic in Causeway Bay near Lee Gardens. Dr Chik is very experienced, spent a lot of time with me on the scan (even tho it was just a casual check-up to see everything's OK before I go on the biz trip and that I'm not even his patient!)

    I would recommend both doctors for the detailed scan. For casual scans Dr Wong is approx $1000-1100 and Dr Chik charged me $800.

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    tet is offline Registered User
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    Tung Chung, HK

    I am one of those going to public and private doctors for antenatal. My private doctor is Dr Lam but my Dr Lam is a lady doctor. She is with HK Obstetrics and Gynecology Center. She is very patient in answering my questions and the last time I had my scan at 6months, we were looking at all angles of the baby for more than 30 minutes. When I asked when's a good time to have 4D scans, she said let's try what we'll see using 4D. So tried we did but the baby was already facing down then. They charge 800 for scans but higher for 4D. I was just charged the usual 800. She knows that I'm being seen at PMH and told me that it's not necessary that I see her every month and just come back if I want to. And the clinic staff are great.

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    Where is that Dr Lam, tet? She sounds wonderful!! I dunno where the HK Obstetrics and Gyno centre is...

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