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    Recently there was a thread on the Geoexpat about Spatial awareness on the MTR. It was started by a mom about how difficult it can be traveling on the MTR during rush hour with kids, So I thought it would be appropriate to have this discussion over here as we are all parents or want to be.

    I think everybody or nearly everybody on this website have used the MTR once atleast in their life. So everyone has an opinion about their experience. I personally find the MTR a great means of transportation even when it is crowded. Yes people do bump into each other as we are all cramped in such small space, I dont expect people to apologize everytime somebody bumps into me.

    I have had no problems in getting a seat when I am with my son (if no seats available and I have to go far I just ask someone if they dont mind giving me their seat) So far nobody has refused

    Some people feel on earlier post( geoexpat ) that people traveling on MTR lack manners ( not offering seats to Pregnant ladies and older people) .

    So lets hear from other moms

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    Happy Valley

    I use the MTR to travel to work (which invovles 3 different train lines) since being pregnant I am pretty much always offered a seat. (I even get offered seats when I go into a shop with my hubby).

    Of course you there are some people who seem to rush around on the MTR like there won't be another train for hours if they don't get there quickly, but on the whole I am pretty impressed.

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    I also find the MTR a great way to travel, it's clean, secure, large corridors, escalators everywhere... and always someone willing to help when I'm blocked with a pram.
    Yes sometimes I had to stand up even if heavily pregnant, for a short strip, I didn't mind not sitting, and if I had to ask a seat, no one refused.
    I have a mouth, I just use it when needed :)
    For sure it's a bit annoying when it's rush hours, everyone tempting to get in the MTR first, and finally have to force my way with my baby, but when people look at me or at the pram, I guess they don't dare saying anything. A smile, a "sorry" and that's it.
    Not a big deal at the end.

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    I hate traveling on the MTR when pregnant or when with my children. Fortunetly living in DB I don't have call to use it very often.

    During both pregnancies I was very rarely if ever offered a seat and have travelled from Sunny Bay Station to Kowloon Tong station when pregnant umpteen times and never been offered a seat. But the same goes for traveling on buses too.

    As far as I am concerned no one on the MTR has any spatial awareness and it is not uncommon for people to walk right into the push chairs or right into me while carrying my toddler or baby.

    Plus very few MTR stations have a wide open gate which push chairs can fit through. In most stations you have to call someone to open it for you, or lift the pushchairs over the normal turnstiles.

    Also I hate the fact that I hate to wait and wait for a lift to go from concourse to station because the lift is always jam packed with people who could quite easily have taken the escalator!

    The MTR is a cheap, fast way to travel and is great- just not with small children and babies, IMO.

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    I totally agree with u bekyboo44.

    MTR is handy but not baby friendly as I don't know where to change nappies at all. So every time before we go to take the mtr, have to make sure my little one's nappy is not too heavy. In fact, anyone here can tell me where to change nappies please after going into the mtr area?

    I don't really need help when I'm out with my baby and I don't mind if other passengers don't offer me their seats. But 1 thing really annoys me is passengers (they are definitely not disabled or with heavy carriers) who could use escalator like using lift and there were few times they just walked in front of our pram when we were going into a lift! (happened in Tsing Yi station)

    We know it's dangerous to use escalator(especially that long 1 from HK station up to IFC) with pram but we've had enough with those annoying passengers, so try to be careful.

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    peainpod is offline Registered User
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    I don't commute by MTR much (i live close enough that i can get to and from work via the Midlevels escalator) but i remember there was this one time when i took the MTR while heavily pregnant and not only was i not offered a seat, but this middle-aged guy raced me for the last empty seat! (He won.)

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    MLBW Guest

    I think many people in Hong Kong lack spatial awareness and manners--not just on the MTR and buses. I was also very rarely offered a seat while traveling on the MTR when heavily pregnant. And usually when someone offered me a seat, it was an old man or woman who needed the seat more than I did. I often see young people playing their video games on the MTR, totally oblivious to anyone around them. When they do see people in need it doesn't register that the right thing to do is help them.

    When my infant son was about 3 months old my husband and I were on a long, crowded bus ride from HK Island to the New Territories. My husband was holding our son when all of a sudden a woman standing in the aisle crumpled--she had passed out. Although there were several able-bodied middle-aged men standing around her, none of them, when seeing her go down moved to help her--so my husband, while seated, reached out his arm to break her fall--meanwhile still holding our 3-month old son. The men just went back to talking on their mobile phones. My husband figured they were calling an ambulance or something but they weren't. So, having been pregnant and having had to cart my son around via MTR (we don't own a car) as a baby, I have become intensely aware of how baby unfriendly and disabled unfriendly this city is.

    This past week I was in the Central MTR station and a bunch of able-bodied people crowded right in front of a old man in a wheelchair being pushed by his elderly companion--rushing ahead to get on the lift and making him squeeze his way in later. On top of this many of the stations are not handicap friendly--some of the older ones only have stairs and no lifts--or stairs in odd places that make for some heavy lifting. I can't imagine being wheel-chair bound in this city.

    It does not surprise me that Hong Kong often ranks high on the list of rudest cities in the world.

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    samali is offline Registered User
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    Oct 2007

    Mind The Platfrom Gap

    Yes, MTR is very unfriendly and noncaring to parents wid kids n strollers.I live near university station,and i have to use this badly badly build station because the distance between the train and the platfrom is too big enough that u have to jump from it ,if u have a sroller with u then u have to pick up the stroller and jump from the train(and no one will ever help u) is it sound nice?so MIND THE PLATFROM GAP.And the second one is, it has no elevators or escalators when going to lu wu side only a ram to push the stroller up and stairs.

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