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Dr. Joe Chan - any experience

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    dad2008 is offline Registered User
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    Dr. Joe Chan - any experience

    My wife is currently pregnant at about 8 weeks. We just saw Dr Chan a few days ago as he was recommended by our friend. We found him very good and patient. As a first time dad, I do have a lots of questions and concerns about my wife and the baby. He has also very good, professional and patient. He did answer all our questions thoroughly. We did not feel rush. However, we would like to hear any comment on him especially on the delivery. Is he pro-natural? C-section technique? bedside manner?

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    dimsum mum is offline Registered User
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    i used dr chan in a different capacity, he was my surgeon when i had potentially cancerous fibroids in my uterus removed.
    i was so impressed with his bedside manner. he took a lot of time to talk with my husband and me and explained the procedures in terms we could understand.
    the surgery was the equivalent to a caesarean, and i was extremely impressed at the short recovery time.
    i am not answering any of your pregnancy related questions, but i can tell you that i found dr chan to be not only a skilled dr, but one who has a lot of time for his patients.

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    I'm 34 weeks and seeing Dr Joe Chan, as Dimsum Mum mentions above he certainly takes his time with his patients and we have never felt rushed through any of our appointments. He takes his time to answer any questions and alleviate any fears we may have regarding pregnancy and child birth. As for being pro-natural or c-section, he seems very happy to do what the patient asks for. I have requested an elective c-section but he did say I would be able to deliver naturally and could change my mind at any time. I certainly didn't feel pressured by him either way and he was happy to do what I wanted.

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    amitkhungs is offline Registered User
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    We hold Dr. Joe Chan in very high esteem. He has been my wife's gyno and obstetrician since early last year. He had done my wife surgery last year to remove endometriosis cyst. The surgery and recovery was excellent. Start of this year she got pregnant and we just had a beautiful baby girl few days back. Dr Joe Chan asked us if we preferred natural or elective c-section. We finally decided for natural. For medical reason after one day of labour in hospital, Dr Joe Chan said we need to go for emergency c-section. While entering the operation theatre (before start of ceserean) he said congratulations to me, such was his confidence. Everything went well. He is an excellent surgean and the stiches are hardly visible and recovery is well. I would recommend him to everybody.

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    chichi is offline Registered User
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    Dr Joe Chan delivered my girl 2 years ago in the Adventist. He is wonderful and his technique is good. He is pro-natural. However, my baby was in the breech position and C-section was done. Just like what amitkhungs mentioned, the wound is very good and hardly be seen below the hair line. I have also recommended some of my friends to him. They all speak highly of him. I am planning for my second one. I will definitely use him again.

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    janiceheng is offline Registered User
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    Quite disappointed with him. I had second miscarriage and wish to have a total check up. I have been visiting him since every time I was pregnant. So, I thought he would be the doctor I should go to in order to have the checkup for the reason of miscarriages. However, I scheduled a date with him on the day I was diagnosed with the miscarriage for the checkup and had my husband to come along as he needed to be check for the chromosome as well. Dissapointedly, when we arrived, he wasn't ready, the lab was closed and some of the tests have to check instantly. We can't do it. We were asked to come in on another day. Considerably, my husband is busy, it is very hard for him to travel all the way from Guangzhou to hong kong.I feel very disappointed plus already feel helpless for having multiple miscarriages. Furthermore, I have double reminded the nurse to inform the doctor to notify the doctor about the purpose for my visit and I also have sent him an email as a confirmation. Not only the visit ended no outcome with but also I had to paid 800 for the consultation fee for nothing. Overall, I was dissapointed. Friend of my who used to have fertility issue in the past reccomended me dr Philip Ho. I think I will need to go to him.

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    aussie mum is offline Registered User
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    Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. You might also want to consider seeing Dr Christine Choi. She is expensive but I have found her to be a lot more thorough than most of the other doctors.

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    laureninhk is offline Registered User
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    Wan Chai

    Dr. Joe Chan is wonderful

    Early on in my pregnancy, I posted a question about why OB's can charge different private vs semi-private delivery prices, and found out that it is common practice in Hong Kong. Dr. Joe Chan is worth every penny. Every experience with him was top-notch and I have recommended him to friends who were also extremely pleased. He is a kind, caring, very professional and knowledgeable practitioner who answered all my questions, took time with me and my husband, and ensured a smooth delivery. I highly recommend this man and would say he is the best in Hong Kong.

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