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KBCK interview - good ?

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    KBCK interview - good ?

    The interview of KBCK was started at 10:20 am and we were asked to join the free play with K1 students. Honestly speaking, I was very shocked to see the chaos because all toys were on the grounds. In the meantime, some students were reading in the reading corner whilst one helper was busy at making Curry Beef Triangles for students at the other corner. I asked the helper why she was making curry beef triangles and she told me that the topic of the day was triangles!

    We walked out from the classroom and the corridor was even messier. Many toys were placing in different corners and some students were fighting. I spoke in Cantonese with Alan in a very low voice and three boys heard our conversation and they immediately pointed to us in
    English by said that, "English, English, speak in English."!!!

    The interview was conducted by the headmaster and one Chinese lady who spoke in fluent English. Joshua was asked to play toys with the headmaster and Alan was interviewed by the Chinese lady. The conversation was a relaxing one though!

    Discipline was not seen in the school...anyone put their kid there and please give me some advice.

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    first off...
    i don't know what school you are referring to. or who ALAN is? is he a husband or another child?

    secondly, it is not a bad thing for toys to be on the floor, my kids play with toys on the floor at home and at my playgroup.

    thirdly, if it is free play, then it is for the children to decide what to play with.

    fourth, what's wrong with making beef triangles if the topic is triangles? that seems rather imaginative, to me.

    fifth, the interview SHOULD be relaxed! if you are trying to get your son into an english-speaking school, then of COURSE you should speak english!

    other than the children having an arguement, i can't see it being a "fight", why was discipline in order? what do you think required it?

    or is it the fact that the children weren't sitting neatly and quietly in desks doing worksheets that bothered you? what do you expect of a group of 4-5 year olds? (this is not being sarcastic, in case it reads that way, just truly curious.)

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