I am a native madarin speaker. I was once recruited by a local TV station as a news announcer because my perfect madarin pronunciation and tenses when I was working as an accountant for China Construction Bank. Eventually I didn't take the offer because I later went to the States with my husband who needed persuade his PH. degree there. We spend our 9 years life in America before we moved to Hong Kong. We have a son now is 6 years old, and he speaks English and madarin both fluently. he attends
Sha Tin Junior. We live in Ma On Shan area. I have experience in tutoring some ABC when I was in US and I have tutored a few kids range 3-10 years old here in Hong Kong also. The result is brilliant. As the parents are willing to refer more students to me. I found the schedual of tutoring kids after school is against my role as a mother. So I am here asking if anyone need a private mandarin tutor before 2:00pm. I would love to offer my teaching which can amaze you how easy it is for you to be able to speak and understand mandarin. Please feel free to send me email at: [email protected] if you are interested.
Best Regards,