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Let Your Birthing Experience Be Inspired

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    Red face Let Your Birthing Experience Be Inspired

    I found this really great list of links to videos and slideshows telling the stories of different womens' birth experience and I've found it very inspirational and educational to watch and learn from the experience of other women. Their struggles and perseverance give me strength and encourage me.

    Here are some of the links I've watched. Very good for those of us who are going to give birth sometime soon, I think. Even though I've been through it once before, I still need to get in the right frame of mind, I think. Most of these are home births and many of them are VBAC--after as many as 3 previous c-sections. Quite inspiring. There are many other videos (probably 50 altogether) so if you want other links just PM me.

    NOTE: Because these videos involve births they are definitely graphic in that they show surgeries and blood and all that goes on in birth.

    Cesarean vs. VBAC: A dramatic Difference

    (a home water VBAC after two c-sections)

    Eliza Lily's Birth
    (funny because the slide show is done to Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire --I guess childbirth is kind of like falling into a ring of fire!)

    Our Journey Toward Homebirth

    (I found this woman's story to be incredibly inspiring. She had three emergency c-sections and with her fourth child she had a home VBAC--she went through a lot but you can just see how happy she is at the end!)

    Women Singing in Labor to Get Through Contractions (very interesting to me)
    Video #1
    Video #2

    Natural Home Breech Birth
    (It's amazing that no one, including the mother aren't freaking out here)

    Slide Show of VBAC of Women With "CPD" (cepholpelvic disproportion--your pelvis is "too small" for a "big baby")
    more CPD info

    Birth Story of Ean Campbell

    (very cool--the woman put her birth story in cartoon form)

    Circle of Life Midwifery Montage

    (love the quote at the beginning-
    "We have a secret in our's not that birth is's that women are strong"- Laura Stavoe Harm

    another statistic mentioned:
    In 2007, US was ranked #180 in infant mortality, leaving 44 countries with better rankings

    Really like the music as well...)

    Our Faith

    Slide Show of HBAC Babies

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    Thanks for sharing! Very intersting indeed!

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