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Drinking before ovulation

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    geocup Guest

    Drinking before ovulation

    I am wondering if it is ok to drink alcohol a week prior to ovulation if you are TTC? I have shamefully had more than a few this past week. Could it affect the development of the fetus in any way if conception occurs? Paranoid.

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    lesliefu is offline Registered User
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    don't worry - i had no idea i was carrying a baby and i drank..well, during the Christmas and New Year festivities, and even before that because I was celebrating being finished with all my pregnancies! when i realized i was pregnant (instinct told me) I went to my OBGYN and told him I was drinking quite a bit in the last 4mths and also had alot of sashimi! :) his only question to me was how much did I have to drink each time - 2-3glasses was my answer, and he said that is was OK cause it wasn't excessive...but to stop drinking and eating sashimi (particularly tuna) since I was 3mths pregnant! so I won't worry if you don't drink too much each time.

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    Gracey is offline Registered User
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    Hey Cupcakes. Here's my motto in life: Don't worry about stuff you can't change.
    You can't undrink drinks you already had, so forget about it. And, while there are a million thing we can do to be perfect, it's not like a few drinks is going to harm anything -- certainly not even before conception.
    If you are TTC, it's probably best to just relax. Stress doesn't help either.
    If it makes you feel better, every month that I got that BFP, I had a mini two-week celebration of wine with dinner and my regular exercise, which was banned during treatments! Now I'm about 2 months along.
    Good luck!

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    jvn is offline Registered User
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    No, almost everyone I know has had phenomenal drinking nights in the first few weeks of pregnancy before they knew - it's not a problem at all, it's regular continued drinking once you know you're pregnant that is a risk factor things like foetal alcohol syndrome, not having a few (or a lot) before you know if you're pregnant.

    The science of it is that in the first couple of weeks the placenta isn't developed which is where the alcohol would potentially pass from you to the foetus.

    It's not shameful, what if you don't concieve for months, you'll be putting your social life on hold two weeks out of four every month - that's a way to get stressed and miserable.

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    Shenzhennifer is offline Registered User
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    When I got a (false)negative on a pregnancy test(unplanned), I celebrated with a beer, and drinks later. Now my son is two.
    Unless you're completely indulging so that it's affecting the general health of your body, I wouldn't worry about it. If this were the case, there would be a lot less people in the world.
    Have one for me, will ya? :)

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