I'm posting this on behalf of a friend, "A", who left Hong Kong nearly 2 years ago. She has stayed in touch with her former helper, Blanka, who is coming to the end of her contract and is looking for a new employer. My friend rated Blanka very highly and has written a lovely reference, and is willing to talk to/email anyone who wants more info. Blanka is great with kids and will finish contract in mid-May.
I will PM A's email address to anyone interested. (Or you can telephone Blanka directly and she can provide A's details.)

Copied below is A's recommendation and reference for Blanka.

My helper Blanka is finishing up her contract in mid-May with the family after us and wants to move to a new family. Her number is 9170-9812 if anyone you know is interested and my recommendation is below. I am happy to telephone or email anyone too. Her visa ends June 6th.


To Whom It May Concern:

I would highly recommend our helper Blanka Mariano. Blanka has worked for us for almost three and a half years. We are now moving from Hong Kong back to the U.S. We hired her upon an excellent recommendation from her previous employer. Blanka is excellent with my toddler and baby. She has taken care of the oldest since he was a baby and enjoys taking him to the beach, playground, and walks. We trust Blanka and have left the eldest several times with her for long weekends. They have a good relationship.

We enjoy Blanka’s cooking very much. She enjoys trying new recipes and the results are always good. She cooks Western and Chinese food. She is responsible with money and does almost all the food shopping and according to my specifications. She takes care of the housework and laundry well. Blanka has worked in Hong Kong for some time and has a supportive network of friends and family here. She is a positive and honest person who is working to support her daughters to go to college.

Our family will miss Blanka greatly!