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Birth & breast feeding experience in St Theresa's hospital?

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    Birth & breast feeding experience in St Theresa's hospital?

    Hi I am new to this forum and I will be giving birth in St. Theresa's hospital in about 2 weeks time.
    I heard rumours and forum (old) discussions that the hospital has very fixed feeding times, separate nursing room for babies, and will recommend formula-feeding babies, discourage night feeding etc etc.

    Are these really true? Now I am very worried because I die hard want to breast feed my baby and want to ensure I am confident in the technique before I leave the hospital. I am attending classes and reading up stuff on BF to equip myself with knowledge in case I don't get good support there.

    Anyone can share their experiences?

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    Hi there,

    Have sent you a PM.

    Warm regards,

    La Leche League - Lantau Group

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    May 2012

    Hello LaLeche

    Would you mind sharing the info with me as well?

    We are looking at St.Teresa vs. public hospital Queen Elizabeth.
    Just wondering about support for breast feeding; keeping baby with mmmy and visiting hours for daddy.

    Thank you and ANYONE else who can offer information.

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    At St Teresa, unless you have a private room, the baby is not in the room with you. He/She will be in the nursery and then you go into the breast feeding room to feed the baby at fixed times. If you want to go in at other times, I think you can although I didn't feel the need to. Best to ask your doctor about that one. Daddy is with you throughout the birth and holds baby for a while after the birth. He doesn't get to hold the baby again until it is time to go home. He can visit you (the mother) anytime though along with anyone else, even if you are in a semi-private room which is what I was in. I did not find it noisy at all and there was only one woman sharing my room even though there were 3 beds. All visitors can see the baby at fixed times through a window including Daddy.

    At QE, the baby is with you at all times so you can breastfeed whenever you want. There are fixed visiting hours so daddy can visit along with everyone else during visiting hours. Anyone who visits can hold the baby if you want them to. QE is a government hospital so practically free but it seemed to be quite noisy when I visited a friend there.Do get your family to bring food for you when they visit.

    I gave birth to both my kids at St Teresa and was happy with it. I had a natural birth with both and stayed at the hospital for 3 nights the first time and 2 nights the second time. I breastfed but was fine about supplementing because I knew I would be going back to work and wanted some flexibility. I breast fed alot though and pumped too.

    You really need to think about what would suit you. St Teresa suited me because it was close to home, I got my rest, got the breastfeeding started, and I had alot of visitors so it was probably a good thing that they all couldn't hold the baby yet. It would have been nice if Daddy could go into the nursery to hold the baby but I was in the hospital for such a short time, it didn't bother me that much.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi LaLeche

    Would you mind PMing me the details as well?

    Many thanks.

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    at st teresa's i was walking to the breastfeeding room every two hours. i think public hospitals are generally more pro-breastfeeding. My doctor wasn't negative about it, but the nurses at st teresa were... not helpful.

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