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Adoption by HK residents

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    Adoption by HK residents

    Hi all,

    Any HK residents here have an adoption story to share?

    My husband and I aren't locals but we are permanent residents and we are interested in adopting a baby here.

    I've searched for "adoption in HK" but got results for Expats who aren't here permanently or don't have permanent ID cards yet.

    Thank you in advance.

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    astonvilla is offline Registered User
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    Aug 2013

    Hi there

    I'll share our story (briefly).

    We found out that we were unable to have kids naturally, and after some soul searching, decided to adopt.

    We used Po Leung Kuk after a recommendation from a friend. I think most foreigners tend to use Mother's Choice though.

    The adoption process follows the UK quite closely. You can sign up for a free briefing session with the social welfare department and they'll give you a detailed run down of the process. Very simply, the process is:

    1. Pre-application: the adoption organisation (e.g. PLK) assesses your suitability, you'll be asked to attend some of their sessions, you get assigned your social worker.
    2. Application stage - you formally submit your application (with hundreds of supporting documents!), and it takes 3-4 weeks for them to accept the application or turn it down. Assuming they accept it....
    3. Home assessment - they'll interview you and partner over and over again and come to your home a few times to assess the suitability of your home. Assuming everything goes to plan...
    4. Approval and entry onto waiting families list.
    5. The social workers meet once every three weeks and match children to waiting families.

    As for us, we too are foreigners. Our social worker told us it would take a couple of years to be matched because locals have first priority.

    We submitted our formal application (I believe) end of september, assessments completed december and we were placed on the waiting list just before Christmas.

    In the February matching (i.e. six weeks from being entered) we were matched with a beautiful baby girl who is now living with us. From start to finish it has felt like a fairytale - I don't know whether we were extremely lucky, or the social workers painted a picture far worse to manage our expectations, but it was such an amazing process from start to now.

    There is an organisation called Adoptive Families of Hong Kong. We have met some really nice people through it. We went to some film nights etc during the application stage and they were all very supportive.

    Anyway, hope this helps. Good luck.

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    Thanks for sharing your lovely story Astonvilla!

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    penguinsix is offline Registered User
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    We have a friend who adopted from Mothers Choice. Only thing I would add is that they too were told "six month wait" or something like that but got a quick call only a few weeks later. They also mentioned that they were not to leave Hong Kong with the child for three or six months or something like that.

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    May 2013

    Have also heard families getting matched very quickly! Wishing you all the best.

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    astonvilla is offline Registered User
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    Aug 2013

    I got a couple of PMs asking for some more information from lovely people who are considering adopting. By all means if you're considering adoption then feel free to contact me. I'd be happy to help.

    By way of an update, our daughter just had her second birthday and that magical ride has continued since my last post.

    We still have the sweetest, happiest little daughter. I couldn't be more in love with her and she definitely works it to her advantage with me, her dad!

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    Hi. Is there anybody on the forum who is trying to adopt ( locally) or who just adopted locally and had already a child? We have already 3 year old ( also adopted but not in HK) and are now on the waiting list to adopt a baby (0-12 month). Not sure if we will get matched ( we are non - chinese and want a baby) Is somebody out there who recently got matched?

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    OldtimerMum is offline Registered User
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    May 2013

    Hi there. Yes I have seen non-Chinese families get matched and also very soon after applying. Very sorry I don't know of any families who've been recently matched. Have you tried contacting the Adoption organisation

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