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Ob/gyn delivering babies?

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    Jun 2015

    Ob/gyn delivering babies?

    hi all.
    I'm looking for a good ob/gyn to deliver my first baby next year.
    I searched the forum but seems like all recommended there ob/gyns are not delivering babies anymore (?).

    Do you know any worth of recommendation ob/gyn on HK side delivering babies? Any information would be great!


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    Pokfulam, Hong Kong

    There have been some changes in insurance coverage and a few Drs have decided not to deliver anymore. Can you let me know who you spoke to so we can create a list.

    Have asked a few ladies from the due date group. They are seeing

    Dr Edmund Hon
    Dr Grace Cheung Central Health
    Dr Charas Ong - Women's Clinic
    Dr Patrick Chan
    De Edwin Tam
    Dr Alex Doo
    Dr Joseph Chan

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    Ren5 is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2015

    Thank you rani.

    From what I read/made calls, ob/gyns not delivering anymore are:

    Dr Stevenson
    Dr Ho
    Dr Lord

    Just because I'm curious, do you know what changes in insurance policies happened that so many doctors decided not to do deliveries anymore?

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    StephenYong is offline Registered User
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    Oct 2015

    Hi prospective parents,
    I will try to answer the mystery as to why so many Obstetricians have bowed out of the labour ward arena.

    Well, this is quite a conundrum regarding our Medical Protection Society's indemnity insurance. I understand it all boils down to costs and profits for the "insurance" company.

    Before 2015, our medicolegal coverage (ie. against law suits) were on an occurence base. This means that if we bought the MPS insurance and a "malpractice" incident occurred, the doctor is covered for life. For example, if Doctor X delivered a baby on Dec 31st, 2014 and that baby suffered mild hypoxic damage to the brain but he or his parents only took out legal action against the doctor 20 years later, that doctor who has likely retired by then, will still be indemnified (covered from the old insurance policy) against this occurence which happened 2 decades before. For this, the doctors were blessed with a security which is lifelong as long as they bought medical insurance and was covered during the incident when they were still actively practicing Obstetrics. This means that after they retire, they need not continue to purchase malpractice insurance.

    Suddenly this bliss went "poof" this year with the announcement of a "Claim" based insurance coverage by MPS (you can look up their website). Instead of a lifetime coverage, this policy only covers the doctor as long as he was insured during the incident (same as before) AND also up to the time he receives the lawyer's suit. That means that even after the doctor retires s/he needs to continue to purchase very expensive yearly medicolegal insurance for the rest of their lives lest an unsuspecting baby they delivered 20 years ago decides to challenge them in court when the latter have grown to adulthood. As a matter of fact, such as case recently occured against a female obstetrcian.
    I hope that made sense to all of you.
    Stephen Yong, FRCOG

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    okbaby is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2014

    Hi Ren5,
    I had Dr Edwin Tam and he is good.

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    Sep 2015

    Dr Dominic Li is no longer doing vaginal deliveries. Dr Michelle Tsui was recommended as a good doctor who has more time for her patients, is pro-vaginal delivery (ideal for first time mothers) but she sees a relatively small number of patients only and is very hard to book. Dr Lucy Lord and Dr Grace Chueng are also pro-vaginal deliveries and difficult to book, you need to leave a telephone message with the receptionist, then wait for an email from the doctor's assistants, then explain your background and request by email, then an assistant will contact you.

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