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Baby's Haircut

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    Baby's Haircut

    Where can I go to get my baby's hair cut? Are there any places that just specialise in kids?

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    BQ Club have a salon in New World Centre in TST.

    According to their site, a haircut is HK$168 (Mon-Fri)
    HK$248 (Sat-Sun / P.Holidays)

    And there's Magic Mirror in Causeway Bay and Ocean Terminal

    Both places are really cute and have got chairs in the shape of giraffes and horses for your little one to sit on. Plus loads of toys.

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    any barbershop wil do...


    I guess I am the resident skinflint :)

    Since my son was about 18 months old and needed his first haircut, I just took him to whatever local barber was convenient.

    My strategies:

    1) No shampoo (just a quick cut)

    2) I would sit in the chair and have my son sit on my lap, with my arms around him. We would both get wrapped in the towel. This was especially useful, because to keep his head still, I would hold him "cheek to cheek" with me.

    It was usually about $HK45 or $HK50.

    I was afraid to take him to a special place that had toys and animal seats and stuff, because I thought if he got used to it, he would *always* want it and I'm scared of my kids developing expensive tastes.

    From the time he was about 3 1/2, he would sit in the chair by himself.

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    I think there's a place in Caroline Centre and also in New World Centre b/F

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    I took my bb to the same Brabra shop where his Daddy got his hair-cut...
    First I let him watch Daddy ... then when it comes to his turn he found it very FUN!

    I try this since he's 6 mths... and now he's 2 :)

    I just went yesterday for another hair cut and everytime he sees himself in the mirror, he said : "James Cut Hair" >.<
    (James = stylist )


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